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The Home of The Blank Ebook! Did I just write that down? Sounds Crazy? But It's Not, There Is Nothing In The Book You Can see Other Than The Cover! Click The Book Cover Above To Get A Copy Now!

This is a unique pdf ebook totally blank other than the cover image. The text is all hidden with blank image text links and three articles, plus a ton of ClickBank Products. You can purchase this book here on LuLu.com or Payhip.com. After you purchase this ebook, you can find out how to get your own branded copy with your ClickBank affiliate id installed. Everyone is wanting this ebook because of it's unique approach and the fun of it with blank pages. There are tons of links and blank image links that can be found with mouse over, plus you can high light, copy and paste to notepad. I know this sounds crazy but it's not, it's fun. There are two ways to get this ebook branded with your ClickBank affiliate id installed, one, buy it from LuLu.com, or Payhip.com, and after purchase there is two ways to get your copy and rebrand it! You'll have to buy it and find out in the ebook.

I will explain how this ebook is put together. I started with a cover image on the first page, then I put in three articles.

1: Real Estate

2: Affiliate marketing

3: Advertising

I then added blank images and attached links to the blank images.

I put in many paragraphs with ClickBank products, some on real estate, marketing, and advertising.

I put in a table of contents page and a legal paage.

I added in many freebie sites with tons of free stuff.

After I finished the ebook, I then selected all and colored the text the same color as the background, making this ebook totally blank. But this doesn't mean you cant read it or find the image links or text links.

1: I'm going to explain how you can get a free branded copy of this ebook. There is two steps, 1: Search the ebook and find all the ClickBank links and write the total down. 2: Look for all the links that point to Theviralmonsters.com, and write it down. Now when you think you have the right numbers, add them side by side, example here. 2345 Putting ClickBank count first. After you have figured out the numbers, you must find the link for the page with the login, and the numbers are the password to get your copy of The Blank Ebook that you can brand.

2: The other way is to find the paragraph that will tell you where to go to look for the flashing numbers somewhere on each of three websites index pages. Example of what to look for. This will flash every so often. When you find these flashing numbers, write them down, because they are the password to get into the page. After you find these flashing numbers and you've wrote them down, click the flashing numbers and enter them into the field on the screen, that's it, you got it!

Good Luck with The Blank Ebook!

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